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Pupil Leadership
Pupil Leadership

Throughout their time at Amity, pupils are encouraged to avail themselves of a variety of leadership opportunities in both the curriculum, co-curriculum and pastoral spheres of school life.  

Our leadership programmes aim to provide opportunities for students to develop the important skills, attributes and values such as: 

There are many leadership opportunities available throughout the school. Elected pupil councils exist in each phase of the school and pupils can get involved in pupil-led societies, initiatives and newsletters, or become House Captains, Year Representatives or Sports Captains.  
Another important function of our pupil leaders is that they act as valued role models for younger pupils. By their exemplary conduct, we look to them to instill the values and ethos of Amity in their peers.  

Primary Leadership Roles

Each year, a Head Boy and a Head Girl are elected together with prefects, house captains, house vice-captains, sports captains, a primary school council, community ambassadors, charity champions, playground ambassadors, safety ambassadors, environment leaders, ICT Leaders, Junior librarians, well-Being leaders, and music maestros.  Wherever possible, we look for means to encourage pupils to take responsibility for their school and lead projects.

Pupil Leadership in the Secondary School

In the secondary school, leadership forms a key component of both the Amity International Diploma and the Sixth Form Horizons programme. Pupils are provided with greater opportunities for autonomy, management, and leadership of their own societies, activities and events.

The Secondary School Pupil council is made up of members elected by peers and a panel of teaching staff. A key focus for them is looking at how to improve pupils' experiences at the school and the priorities of the school development plan.

Every year, pupils elect house captains, vice-captains, and sports captains for each of the four houses. Event leaders are also elected as the activity or event requires.

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