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Amity Secondary (Y7-Y11)
Amity Secondary (Y7-Y11)

Our educational philosophy of ‘Be Extraordinary’ is straightforward. It simply means that we want our pupils to aim high in everything they do. 

We know from experience that there is no limit to what our children and pupils can achieve, not just in academic learning but in every avenue they choose to pursue. Our job is to give them the personalised support they need to do this, and to remove any barriers that stand in their way. 

At Amity International, Abu Dhabi we create an environment where your child will excel academically, socially and personally. Our personalised approach, outstanding teachers and holistic learning opportunities nurture and challenge every pupil. We build on each pupil’s individual strengths and passions. We create challenge and support in every lesson and every activity so that they continuously grow and learn. We offer unique opportunities to open the door to new experiences. 

Respect, good manners and social graces are at the core of what we do. We are committed to the belief that, in joining our school, you join our school family and we work from these values to enable every pupil to flourish.

We follow a version of the English National Curriculum which has been adapted to meet the needs of our international student community.

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