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Tuition Fees
Tuition Fees

Investing in your child's future.

An Amity education inspires young people to think critically, lead confidently and contribute ethically to society. We understand that an Amity education can be a significant financial commitment for a family.

Through careful management of resources, we do our best to offer our families the highest level of education and care at affordable fees. This allows us to meet the needs of families who place the education experience of their children as a priority. 


All figures are in AED

Year Tuition FeeTerm 1Term 2Term 3
Year 151,27020,50815,38115,381
Year 251,27020,50815,38115,381
Year 355,28022,11216,58416,584
Year 455,28022,11216,58416,584
Year 555,28022,11216,58416,584
Year 655,28022,11216,58416,584
Year 759,86023,94417,95817,958
Year 859,86023,94417,95817,958
Year 959,86023,94417,95817,958
Year 1066,22026,48819,86619,866
Year 1166,22026,48819,86619,866
Year 1266,22026,48819,86619,866
Year 1366,22026,48819,86619,866

This table is valid for the current as well as future academic years, unless it is replaced by a later ADEK-approved schedule.

All terms and conditions related to fee payments are explained in our Tuition Fees Policy.

Please note that uniform, transport and any other activities run by external providers require additional fees.  

Amity International School operates a BYOD policy (Bring your own device). There are no additional charges for textbooks and materials. All external examination entry costs except those mentioned in the school’s assessment policy (e.g. mandatory standardised assessments) are the sole responsibility of the parents/guardians of each child. 

How to Pay Tuition Fees

Fees can be paid directly at the school by visiting our Cashier's office, or online through the secure payment portal. Kindly mention your child’s name and/or pupil code in the reference details. 

Financial Assistance (Bursary)

We are committed to assisting families of intellectually curious and community-minded pupils who lack the financial resources to pay the full tuition fees. To this end, we offer need-based financial aid through our Bursary Programme.

Parents interested in applying for Bursary financial support should complete the Confidential Statement of Financial Circumstances. Parents will then be invited to discuss the possibility of further financial support with the School Principal. The school will consider compassionate and other circumstances, including financial means, to decide on the level of support provided. Bursaries are subject to annual review and parents may be asked to provide updated financial information every year.  For more information, please contact: