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Scholars Programme
Scholars Programme


The Amity Scholar Programme rewards excellence and celebrates extraordinary potential. 

'Inspiring excellence' is one of the four founding values of our community: beyond the classroom, one of the ways we try to foster excellence is through our Scholar Programme which, through a wealth of enrichment opportunities, fuels our students' curiosity, creativity and aspiration. 

Opportunity for success

Scholars will be presented with exciting opportunities and challenges. Our academic curriculum and co-curriculum are structured to provide breadth, challenge and extension beyond standard British National Curriculum requirements. We provide excellent resources, specialist subject teaching and take great care to monitor and promote academic progress. Students awarded a Scholar receive the following benefits:

Scholar Brochure

Who qualifies?

Scholarships are awarded to gifted and talented students for achievement and demonstration of potential either in a specific field or a combination of fields:

Awards are given on an entirely meritocratic basis. Although a student may not meet the criteria at one scholarship entry point, this will not exclude him/her from an application in a later year. Scholarships are offered for students entering Years 7 to 11. Music Scholarships may be offered to exceptional candidates in Years 5 to 6.

How is success measured?

Scholars are leaders to their peers and work with staff to grow the co-curricular programmes. Scholars are expected to achieve recognition for themselves and help the community achieve the same by being role model inside and outside of the classroom.  Holders of this award are expected to participate in a variety of co-curricular activities. These include subject-specific clubs and societies, as well as internal and external academic competitions.

Our programme helps pupils develop confidence and resilience, and inspires them to be creative problem-solvers and visionary leaders. We measure success in terms of exam results and the number of students attending Oxbridge, Russell Group or Ivy League universities. 

How to apply to be an Amity Scholar

To apply for the same, please complete one of the following forms:


Music Scholars

Performing Art Scholars

Sport Scholars

Emirati Leadership Scholars

Fine Art Scholars

Academic Scholars


Candidates can submit more than one application if they wish to apply for different disciplines. For more information, please contact :



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