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Physical Education & Sport
Physical Education & Sport

Our aim is to impart every student with the knowledge, skills and desire to make responsible choices that positively impact their lifestyle and wellbeing for their time at Amity and, more importantly, life beyond Amity.

Developing a life-long passion for physical activity and sport is our mission! 

Amity is for you, whether you aspire for elite level sport or simply participation. We aim to create confident, dynamic pupils who think creatively and possess the ability to make good decisions in both a sporting and whole school contexts.” 

Mr. Matthew Miller, Director of Co-Curricular and Sports

Through School Approach

Engendering a through school approach (3-18), the curriculum transitions from foundation stages through to Sixth Form. 

Foundation Stage
(Nursery & Reception)
Developing fundamental movement skills (FMS) through play and problem-solving situations 
Key Stage 1
(Y1 & Y2)
Education of ‘why’ FMS are important and applying these to some basic games' situations 
Key Stage 2
(Y3 to Y6)
Learning ‘how’ to train FMS and introducing formalised game scenarios and technical modelling  
Key Stage 3
(Y7 to Y9)
Developing ownership of their own relationship with physical wellbeing and sport. Pupils will be responsible for RAMP warm ups and will experience sports that are related to physical themes such as netball and basketball (agility and movement skills), touch rugby and football (general movement and strength) and sailing (problem solving) to name but a few.
Key Stage 4 & 5
(Y10 to Y13)
Pupils experience an ‘alternative’ curriculum that starts to explore their own passions and provides choice to take ownership for their relationship with physical activity and sport. Pupils in year 11, 12 and 13 have additional opportunities to explore leadership qualifications and take on ‘coaching’ responsibilities of our younger pupils and external organisations.

Assessment and Reporting in Physical Education 

Reporting for Physical Education will be based around our 5 physical competencies; push, pull, core strength, power and running efficiency. The aim for this is to provide pupils and parents a measurable process to identify areas which pupils are excelling in or may need to improve to become ‘better movers’. Pupils and parents alike will be able to identify how and what they may need to do to move to the next level. This goes far beyond a ‘traditional’ PE report and provides objective analysis for pupils and parents alike. 

5 Physical Competencies
PushThe ability to push against objects, both statically and dynamically 
PullThe ability to use your body to bring items closer to you with strength and stability 
Core StrengthThe strength of your underlying muscles of the torso which help determine posture 
PowerThe ability to perform strength-based movements quickly 
Running EfficiencyThe ability to move with speed, control, and fluency in a straight line and whilst changing direction 
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