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Art & Design
Art & Design

Art and Design Technology co-curricular activities are amongst the most popular. Developing creative thinking, developing life skills as well as a love for art is our priority as a department.

During the year, children have the opportunity to access a variety of activities to develop their skills, learn new ones or simply enjoy creative expression.

Examples of Art and DT CCAs

Junk Kouture

Junk Kouture is a leading, global, creative platform for young people. The project empower the creators and change-makers of tomorrow, challenges the most talented emerging designers, engineers, artists and performers to envision, create and model high-end couture from everyday junk.
It’s a challenge for the next generation of creators to generate lasting, positive change through creative, sustainable fashion. The designs must be made from 100% recycled materials.
​​For students aged 13 -18,  ​individuals or teams (of up to 3 people).

Fundamentals of Pattern Cutting

The wonderful world of Pattern Cutting is the key skill in garment making. Pupils will learn the techniques and tools to create their own designs and turn them into a reality.

Architecture at Expo

Iconic architecture has become synonymous with World Expos. The unique designs have always tried to tell a story, and Expo 2020 Dubai is no exception. In these sessions, we explore how architects shape lives through their emotional and environmental design choices and impacts. 
The aim is to encourage students to consider how an architect designs a building and what aspects they must consider, and also to appreciate how these design features have been used in past Expos and in Expo 2020 Dubai.

Big Art Big Data

Have you ever painted a canvas using data? In this CCA, we explore the remarkable ways you can express big themes and stories using big data.

We encourage pupils to transform big data into visually stunning art pieces that express a theme of Digital Citizenship, in order to show how information can be shared between people using technology, to bring about positive change and connections in our world.

Pupils work alongside key stakeholders to investigate, analyse, and design in preparation to present proposals and plans for a positive learning environment with the new Design & Technology Lab.

Qatt Asiri Art

Alqatt Alasiri, a traditionally female interior wall decoration technique, is the result of Saudi women’s love of music combined with their perception of culture and life. In this virtual workshop, we go on a journey to learn more about the history of this traditional art form, the nature of colors, the meaning of geometric patterns and how it is all preserved from one generation to the next.

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