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Community Groups
Community Groups

Friends of Amity

Friends of Amity (FoA) is a group of volunteer parents, dedicated to building and supporting the school community.

FoA looks to develop more extended relationships between school staff, parents and others associated with the school. They welcome and connect new and existing families through a series of fun and interactive social activities like Coffee Mornings, Cake Bake Sales, Beach Clean Ups, Movie Evenings, Eco Awareness Competition and Mums Yoga Morning.

The group is open to all parents of Amity, who are automatically members of this group and are actively encouraged to be involved.

FoA's mission is to:

FoA always welcomes new volunteers. Please feel free to e-mail them at [email protected].

Advisory Groups

We have introduced two Parent Advisory Boards with the aim of:

AIS Parent Advisory Board 

The AIS Parent Advisory Board is a partnership between the Amity Administration and the Parents. The Advisory Board meets regularly throughout the year to address a large array of educational and operational issues.  The purpose of the board is to discuss the school’s most pressing issues and jointly develop creative solutions to school improvement.

The board is aimed at being a springboard to increase the involvement of parents in the improvement and vision of the school’s programmes, with the ultimate aim of:

AIS Emirati Parent Council

The purpose of the AIS Emirati Parents’ Council is to enhance understanding, awareness and appreciation of the following across the school:

The board meets to discuss ideas for School-led, pupil-led and Parent-led initiatives aimed at supporting the following:

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