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Co-Curricular Programme
Co-Curricular Programme

Here at Amity, we are committed to providing outstanding all-around education and exciting experience beyond the classroom. Both are essential aspects of what we offer.

We believe that co-curricular activities broaden horizons and encourage key competencies such as critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration.

We seek to challenge our pupils and provide them with the skills, confidence and emotional intelligence that are now considered essential 21st Century competencies.

Therefore, we do not consider these afterschool and lunchtime activities as ‘extras’. On the contrary, we expect and encourage all students, from Nursery to Sixth Form, to participate to a greater or lesser degree. For this reason, we call them co-curricular activities, not extra-curricular.

We firmly believe that every child has a great number of talents and passions yet to be discovered. The Amity daily experience is designed to unearth these talents and to develop them to the fullest over time. Using the school’s outstanding campus facilities, involvement in the programmes on offer not only will enable our pupils to be high achievers in their chosen activities, but they are great fun too.

Mr. Matthew Miller
Director of Co-Curricular and Sports

Co-curricular Programmes

Co-curricular Programme in Foundation Stage

 Both Nursery and Reception will have access to a number of co-curricular activities provided by our talented Nursery and Reception teachers as well as external specialists. These CCAs are held from 3.15pm and are designed to extend, challenge and immerse our youngest learners in experiences beyond the classroom. 

Co-curricular Programme in Key-Stage 1 (Lower Primary)

All the children access co-curricular activities during the course of the school day. They are a lovely way for children to enhance their learning outside of the classroom environment as well as a great opportunity for pupils to make new friends within the wider year group.

Co-curricular Programme in Key-Stage 2 (Upper Primary)

Pupils in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 access a variety of activities every day, both at lunch time and after school.

Co-curricular Programme in Key-Stage 3, 4 and 5  (Secondary)

Pupils in Years 7 to 12 access a variety of activities every day, both at lunch time and after school. These activities include talent development and enrichment programmes in different disciplines and subjects, as well as sessions aimed at stretching and challenging pupils and providing support when required, based on interests and abilities. 

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