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Our Houses
Our Houses

We believe that a strong student voice is at the heart of learning and pupils should enjoy and feel empowered by their education.  

Each pupil at Amity belongs to a House, which promotes a spirit of togetherness, competition and belonging. The Amity House system is designed to foster strong relationships and build connections across year groups. Collaborating in House groups strengthens pupils’ engagement, helps develop peer support and improves student wellbeing. 

There are four houses Murabba, Hosn, Jahili and Mezyad. Each House has form representatives and House captains, which together make up the School Council. The School Council meets fortnightly to discuss and debate issues related to their learning and school environment. Regular House competitions ensure our pupils are challenged whilst striving for excellence.

Houses compete against each other throughout the year in a wide variety of activities from several subject areas. These include swimming galas and Sports Day. Such activities channel the natural competitiveness of children in a healthy direction and support each student's personal growth. Pupils have the opportunity to take responsibility as Team and House representatives, or even as Captains. At the end of the year, the performance of each house in the various events is rewarded by the presentation of trophies to Team Captains in the various school years. The overall winning house is celebrated in our end of year Prize Giving.

Pastoral care and our House System is at the heart of Amity. Small communities within our larger school community, a place where pupils can build long-lasting strong relationships with peers and staff. Each House has its own base and will foster its own identity and ethos, within a common framework. The four Houses will be led by Head of Houses, with the support of a dedicated team of tutors.

Tutor Role

The Tutor plays a central role in caring for pupils and monitoring their progress both academically and socially; encouraging involvement, commitment, and high standards of work, presentation and behaviour. The Tutor looks after the interests of the ‘whole child’, is proactive in forging a positive home-school relationship and embed the School and House ethos within each member of the Tutor Group. Their role is also to facilitate a focus on education and learning, supporting pupils to take ownership of their own learning and personal development.

At Amity, we consistently strive to achieve the very best for every pupil in our community. We aim to make a difference every day, no matter what subject or area.  We create opportunities, overcome challenges and celebrate successes.  We are the ‘significant other’ for our pupils throughout their journey at school.  We do our very best to contribute to their individual growth and guide them to be the best version of themselves in order to prepare them for a bright and successful future. 

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