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As a school community, the well-being and happiness of all our pupils is our main priority and lies at the heart of all we do.

We know that to achieve and flourish; every pupil needs to feel respected, valued and able to celebrate their uniqueness and individuality.  We recognise how important mental health and emotional well-being is to our lives, in just the same way as physical health, and the impact of well-being upon learning and achievement. 

Our mission is for Amity International School to be a place where children and young people experience a nurturing and supportive environment that has the potential to develop self-esteem and give positive experiences for overcoming adversity and building resilience. We believe passionately in creating an environment that is caring, safe and, above all, kind.  

We take a whole school approach to promoting positive mental health and well-being that aims to help children become more resilient, happy and successful and to prevent problems before they arise.  Our staff believe that well-being is equally as important as academic success and that one cannot be achieved without the other. 

Rated '' Outstanding in protection, care, guidance and support of students '' by ADEK

The school approach encompasses several aspects in creating an open, positive and supportive environment for all pupils: 

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