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The Amity Vision
The Amity Vision


Amity International School aims to serve all its pupils by preparing a diverse range of courses, programmes, resources and facilities that serve pupils’ individual talents and interests, and help them secure the best chance of success and happiness in both their professional and personal lives.  

To this end, we set out to instil the following character attributes in all our pupils:  

Community mindedness (our pupils are encouraged to contribute positively to the lives of others within school, the local community and the wider, global society).  

Personal wellbeing

Instilled with these important character attributes, our pupils seize opportunities and embrace life, in recognition of the reward that comes from personal endeavour.


Amity International School provides an engaging and challenging learning environment where students are encouraged to excel intellectually, academically and socially.  

We nurture our students’ natural desires to learn with a personalised educational programme, project-based learning and guided enquiry. These promote the development of independent thinking, critical analysis, emotional intelligence and essential communication skills.  

Our four founding values  

The values upon which our school was founded are the inspiration of excellence, togetherness, collaboration and the celebration of diversity.  

Inspiring Excellence  

We aim to provide our pupils with a full and rich intellectual setting in which a joy of learning enables each pupil to develop an independent and naturally curious mind. Our pupils are encouraged to be ambitious and take the initiative when opportunity arises to realise their intellectual goals.  


Everyone is different and unique in their own way. We understand and recognise this. We aim to provide a safe, friendly and supportive environment in which individuality is valued through mutual support, respect and tolerance. As our name suggests, the importance of friendship and community lies core to our ethos and our pastoral systems are integral to providing the happy and inclusive environment necessary for pupil fulfilment and achievement.  

Girls and boys understand, respect and appreciate each other within our co-educational community. By fostering a sense of social responsibility and an open-minded and outward-looking mentality, they are better able to adopt a positive role in serving not only their local community in Abu Dhabi, but the UAE and beyond.  


Well-being and a sense of responsibility to others is a key element of our community ethos. We want all our students, parents and staff to have a strong sense of belonging within a moral and liberal community.  

When we work together, we can go above and beyond our expectations. Our pupils see themselves as being at the centre of an education which is done with them, not to them. 

Pupils are encouraged to work with staff and school leaders to develop the school and its educational provision. Similarly, our parents are encouraged to have an active role in the school improvement. Together we all help to ensure our school is the best it can be.


We inspire each other towards efficiently achieving a common goal. We do this by encouraging our students to develop the maturity, humility, and other interpersonal skills required to work well with others. Students collaborate academically as well as creatively in a play, enterprise activities, societies, debates, team sport, or in the playground. Our co-curricular programme adds enrichment and opportunity for nurturing collaboration, creativity, leadership, initiative, and friendship as well as personal, physical and emotional well-being.  

By the end of their education, Amity pupils understand that the whole is often greater than the sum of its parts and that fear of failure, that can otherwise stifle opportunity, can be diminished when you work together as a team.